My idea have a name „Kubis Cryptography“

Before time I has a idea for encrypting data…
I need crypt data to qr codes but qr code have limits to max 2500 characters. So my mind was that i must convert more data… My idea and mind is convert 75mil characters or converted data to.image with resolution 5mpx. Yes i can convert 75 milion characters to 5000x5000px… First test are in php gd and final image have max 100mb.
Converting to image from text is challenging for HW specifications. But final is nice mosaic picture…
My dream is develop a compresed cryptography and 3D object cryptography..
Final cryptography must be for all data but mainly for filesystems…

Here is preview:

in this pixture is encrypted 14x Philipp Vandenberg Král z Luxoru (King of Luxor), 14×600 pages of book = 8400 pages.

Kubis cryptography preview

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