Arduino and my tests from first day to today [EN]

Hello there..
In first time I must apologize for my english… I’m self taught…
I said self that I can write tutorials and sending posts to my blog. I wrote here my ideas or lyrics but why don’t send my work and projects.
Who I am? I’m a guy what he love a IT and technologies and I’m guy what he like a simple living…

Why I start with arduino?
I was on the Science Fair in summer 2016. There were manz stalls and when I went from stall to stall that in approx 80% stalls said me that I’m smarter than those who lectured there. And this is my start what made me start with arduino. I buy Arduino Uno and my first contact field and I was start my first tests.

I start with „Hello world“ and I wire led diode with 220ohm resistor. Wire to arduino and write my first program with tutorial… Because I’m programmer and I’ve knowledge approx 30ths programming languages so c++ was be a simple. So I was write my first program in arduino and upload it. After finish uploading my led diode blink in 1sec… Thats awesome for me…. My first automation 😀

here is simple code:
//set pin to led diode
const int ledPin = 13;

void setup()
//init pin to output mode
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);

void loop()
//set pin output to HIGH = led turned on
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
delay(1000); // wait 1sec
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); // turn off led diode
delay(1000); //wait 1sec and restart process

In time a tested programming diodes, piezo speaker and for fun I’ve make a with google a mario melody with led blinks.
In time I buy from ebay displays, sensors and I start build my prepare to robot… But offices dont accept my project so I stop my project and I start build my first home weather station…
In first time I start with DHT11 sensor… its sensor for temperature and humidity. I’ve test it in console first, after I tranfer it to 8×2 char monochrome display and later to 16×2 monochrome display with blue underlight. With 16×2 monochrome display I learn I2C technology. Thats good because I can save wires because for this technology we need only 4 wires -> power supply and SDA + SDC wires.. I set that I have SDA wire as green color wire and SDC wire have blue color.
In time I add to project Photoresistor with 10K resistor for detecting a light in room and next I add ledbar with 10 leds. Ledbar show in 10 steps how much is light in room -> little visual show.

here is pics
DHT11 testing

dht11 + display

So i have two displays, ledbar, photoresistor, i add sdcard and RTC (real time counter), that I made box with all, but RTC and SD card I has in external wiring…

here is a pic
display with dht11 output
display with dht11 output

Later I buy Arduino Due its better because have a 32bit arm processor witgh 512kb space for project…
so I start upgrading… I add rtc to program, and sdcard (but not work in due). I has buy a new display rgb tft 2.2″ so I wait for delivery…
I buy Doppler motion radar, little display oled 128x64px numeric displays, ultrasonic sensors etc…

I using oled display with numeric displays for my online radio for show Radio name, current song play with artist, ID song from DB, count listeners, song lenght, and BMP counter but later i show in last display how long is string from Serial line. I was problems with long strings because my program has on arduino uno 78% memory and I has approx 480b memmory and that’s 60chars in string… Why 60chars? It’s simple…
One char have 8byte so when we have 480bits that in mathematical is 480/8=60 … really it’s simple…

here is pic
Radio display

For my logo I must develop a program in C#. It’s convertor from any picture to 128×64 px black/white image and automatically generate a program with image… So we can copy or select path for save program and after only upload to arduino…

so back to my biggest project… I has delivered new display but I have problem with turn it in few month… My display cannot run… I thought that he is crashed but after 4months i found a specifications and technical manual from developer… new test was start… and after tests on arduino due my display turned on and show me output from arduino … awesome…

full view to display

so when my display is ok that i make new project… Why I use my box, when i can have all in one display…
so I prepare display to move all… I made new simple graphic an I add my Doppler radar for motion detection.
but I want show my log. So i convert logo to Cpp code and prepare to my program… after my logo show in display I prepare and wrote loading progressbar… its only simple without functions… this display don’t like big processes…
here is picture with all sensors and new graphic

this picture show my first test with graphical but its so simple I has don’t like it… I manage new graphical design… I add moon phases and prepare weather pressure what i wait for module.. I have in plan add to display actuall Tension and Current.

here is last pictures
numeric led display
numeric led display

2.2″ TFT RGB display
2.2 tft display

Doppler motion sensor
Doppler sensor

30A current sensor
30A current sensor

128×64 oled display

RTC module

Matrix 4pcs 8×8 led display

front arduino box

top arduino box

Actually box have: 16×2 and 8×2 monocrome display, dht11, ledbar, photoresistor, inside have rfid 125khz reader/writer, led indicator for inside PWM, Receiver and sender of transmiter on 433mhz, and its prepared for wifi module and GSM module

Adruino due

Arduino uno

Arduino nano – non original

Here is final / actuall screen of display
background 1

background 2

background 3

All images and videos are on this link Kubis Group Arduino Projects

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